News Update 4/12/17: US Deep State; Yemen War; Crypto-currencies


Hi everyone, sorry for the long hiatus. I’ve decided that from now on, when I don’t have time to write detailed articles, I will keep the blog alive by posting intermittently shorter “News Updates” segments where I will summarise important news stories.

Deep State Infighting in America Intensifies; The road to impeachment; MSM ignores Mossad-Zionist infiltration of US power

With Russiagate distractions running out of steam, the US Deep State is now officially mired in rabid infighting and toxic legalese, as partisanism in America takes a turn for the worst. The intelligence apparatus and “law” enforcement agencies such as the FBI, CIA, NSA and DOJ are blatantly infiltrated, compromised and biased by way of Deep State rats posing as fake partisan patriots. I firmly believe that the end-game here is a relentless attempt at impeachment of Trump. This is where the Deep State is going, or at least wants to go. The Clintonites from the DNC and lingering bureaucrats from the Obama-era, are hell-bent on taking down Trump, however, they offer no alternative. They abound in agencies like the FBI, NSA, CIA, DOJ etc…And while the recent take-down of Flynn has given their cause a sense of vindication, in reality the case against Flynn is flimsy at best. His plea bargain revealed that he lied to the FBI, and despite how many liberals are crying crocodile tears of moral outrage, consider that in such a highly charged and toxic atmosphere where trust is breaking down faster than the US is piling up debt and these agencies lie for a living, the case against Flynn begins to look much less dramatic.

Jared Kushner is a weak link in Trump’s armour. He is someone who is too close to Trump, given his background which I believe is Deep State; he is groomed as Kissinger’s protege, he owns a skyscraper in down-town Manhattan with an ominously satanic address, and is fervently pro-Zionist. He is a saboteur that needs to be ultimately dealt with.

One thing I would like to point out, which will render Russiagate a complete joke, is the real elephant in the room of dangerous foreign influence in US government – an unsettling list of dual US-Israeli citizens who have infiltrated Congress and the US government. This is something that should be making scandalous headlines, but instead the Zionist-owned MSM clearly has no interest in exposing the Mossad operation. Below you will find another disturbing infographic of the Zionist infiltration of leading US liberal MSM organisations. Click and save the picture so you can zoom in on the names. This is by far a much greater threat to the US than Russiagate. The Chutzpah is astounding.

The Zionist infiltration of liberal MSM

Ali Abdullah Saleh killed; Yemen war approaching end-game

Saudi Arabia has begun to look for ways to wind down the Yemen war, however it didn’t take very long for their gamble to split the Saleh-Houthi alliance, to backfire on them. Literally the day after Saleh announced his defection to the Saudi camp, Sanaa saw a dramatic escalation in Houthi-Saleh hostilities. Saleh was well known to be a ruthless opportunist, but this was just too much. Ali Abdullah Saleh ended up with a gaping hole in his head. The Saudis are now looking like deer caught in the headlights, after an embarrassing string of failures across the Middle East, – Syria, Lebanon and Qatar, and now Yemen. They will have to sue for peace with the Houthis, unless they somehow decide to escalate the war even more. However, that appears to be unlikely, given how unpopular their war against Yemen is with Western and Middle Eastern populations. The UK and US governments should be ashamed for having backed these war crimes. Saleh’s death now presents a radical opportunity to end the war. Let’s hope Russia will try to push the Saudis into cutting their losses. I don’t see Saudi Arabia being able to fund this fiasco for much longer, although recent asset seizures have injected fresh funds into Saudi coffers, they are likely set aside for the Saudi 2030 plan instead.

Authorities freak out about crypto-currencies; taxation to begin in US and UK

Crypto-currencies have experienced a recent mini-crash of around -20% in response to US and UK governments warning about their destabilising potential to the financial system, before rallying again. One thing to note: this discredits the argument that crypto-currencies are a government ploy. However, these governments have shied away from any talk of banning them. Instead the path appears to be one of regulation and taxation, with US and UK governments opting to pursue crypto taxation and not wanting to fall behind the curve, understanding how this technology stands to revolutionise P2P finance. They will start to go after exchanges first, demanding data to be handed over identifying those who have made capital gains. Be mindful of exchanges.

The status of crypto assets in various countries


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Muslim Dude
Hi AJ. 1. The “deep state” versus Trump battle seems to be an ongoing saga that will continue for a while. a: Trump will “win” and be able to dismantle the deep state fully or partially. The fact that there is now mass public awareness (especially amongst non MSM sectors of right wing US media) is a victory in itself and puts pressure on the so-called “deep state” as the spotlight is on them. In my experience a lot of what the alternative media says which may be discredited in the beginning later on gets accepted on MSM a few… Read more »